ADMISSION OPEN FOR SESSION 2024-25

                                                        ADMISSION OPEN FOR SESSION 2024-25

M.D. Sir Message

Dr. Anurag Karwasra

(Managing Director - LBS School Sikar)

” The Covid 19 pandemic has drastically altered the shape of our very existence.”

The crisis has pushed education towards e-learning on a global scale.

We strive to create in our school an inviting environment, in which human respect and values are balanced against academic rigour, and where learners are encouraged to realize their potential and to respect their own unique worth as well as that of others. Student success in both the Primary School and Upper School requires an ability to balance the responsibilities of home, school and social life. Topics such as study habits, peer relationships, and the spiritual dimension of one’s life can all become part of the student’s conversation with his/her mentor. The student and his/her mentor identify clear academic and personal goals for the student to pursue.

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